Wear Gauges

FCE New range of wear gauges will help you to easily identify worn and damaged equipment on site to avoid leakage accidents.

For chemical & LPG loading & unloading.

No-Go Wear Gauge Case

ASME “U” and “R” Certification – FTE

FCE is pleased to announce its subsidiary Flow Test Equipment – FTE – based in Dubai, just got two new ASME “U” and “R” certifications!
For those who are not aware, the U certification allows to manufacture new pressure vessels and the R certification allows to do repairs and alterations to existing pressure vessels.


Duplex Piping

FCE is pleased to announced its first manufacturing of 3’’ Duplex 5000 psi piping package. Ideal for HP/HT/LT usage, duplex allows higher working pressures with thinner pipe schedule hence is lighter weight (from 10% to 30%) than standard carbon steel piping for an equivalent given pressure.
It also has a much better corrosion allowance and do not need necessarily external paint coat.


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