Deep Geothermal

The geothermal fields have many similitudes with the oil & gas fields in terms of well drilling, wells and reservoirs management methods.

Geothermal applications where FCE equipment is used are:

  • Well drilling operations and all associated pumping services for drilling fluids circulation and cementing.
  • Hydraulic stimulation (injection of fluids into a reservoir).
  • Well testing where fluid is extracted to the surface or injected into the well (build-up, drawdown, injection or falloff tests).
  • Well killing where fresh water or brine is injected into the well.
  • Well reactivation where compressed air is injected into the well and recuperated from the well into a vent line.

More information on this equipment is available on the following link:

Reusable temporary piping systems fitted with wing unions or clamp connectors allow fast and safe hook-up.

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