FCE has a long expertise in designing and manufacturing oilfield equipment.

Most of the applications are for well services in Exploration and Production sectors. The FCE products are present in all continents, seas and oceans. Extensive knowledge of the rules of usage and manufacturing standard make FCE a valuable brand name.


A renowned expertise

The FCE interconnecting components are among the few approved brands by the most reputed well service and production companies.

In the meantime, FCE has acquired a reputed expertise in designing fit-to-purpose pumping units, well testing equipment and solids removal systems.

The highest standards

The FCE products are always challenged by severe environmental and operating conditions such as high pressure, high temperature, corrosive and erosive fluids and hazardous areas.

The highest design and manufacturing standards are mandatory. This is a daily concern of the FCE team who provides its clients with the highest Quality level.

3D SolidWorks and Autocad systems are regularly updated as well as the international Norms, Codes and Standards.

HIGH QUALITY is a matter of education.

We acquired an extensive knowledge of the operations through field feedback.

Such relation with end users makes FCE a valuable adviser when specifying the most appropriate equipment to a particular application.

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