Our Company

Well known as FCE, Fluid Control Europe is a French company registered in 1992 and located in the Lyon area. The country’s infrastructure provides fast and easy access to airports and Mediterranean, Atlantic and North Sea ports.


Fluid Control Europe is a worldwide equipment provider in the Oil & Gas sector both for the upstream (Exploration and Production) and the downstream (Transfer and Loading applications).

Business Activities

The company is structured in 2 main business profiles:

  • Manufacturing of hammer unions and piping components, Supplier of interconnecting components.
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Integration of specific equipment like pumping units and welltesting equipment.

Other activities include:

  • Inspection & Recertification
  • Associated services such as commissioning, training and maintenance of FCE products

Fields of competencies

Fluid Flow Transfer and Control

Fluid Separation and Solids Removal

High pressure and severe condition (Sour gas, etc.)

FCE from yesterday to today

Today FCE has become a Group of about 60 people with established Sister companies over the world and take on a new forme for the arrival of the 2020.

FCE celebrated its 25th birthday in 2017.

Creation of Flow Test Equipment - FTE in 2013.

Creation of Fluid Control Algéria - FCA in 2000.

Over the years, FCE has grown from a distributor position to a Worldwide equipment provider of welltest equipment / sour gas piping / unions but also an integrator of surface products for oilfield applications.

The company then became the first distributor for FMC Fluid Control Division products in France.

Fluid Control Europe (F.C.E) was established in 1992.

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