Filtration Equipment


A RANGE OF EQUIPMENT TO REMOVE SOLID PARTICLES (SANDS TO ROCK DEBRIS) from liquid and gaseous well effluents by cyclonic separation or mechanical cutout.


The dual pot sand filter is designed to remove solid particles from well effluent. Located after the Flow Head, it protects downstream equipment against erosion and solids accumulation in the separator. Dual pot configuration is mandatory for a safe solids removal without flow interruption.

The FCE dual pot sand filter design (2-Stage Filtration) combines centrifugal separation and mechanical cutout providing improved performances against conventional design.

Each pot is fitted with a removable wear sleeve that protects the inlet area against erosion.

Each unit is fitted with a flushing manifold that allows revers flow flushing and solids transportation toward a storage facility.

50 to 800-micron screen are fully interchangeable.

The FCE dual pot sand filter unit offers an ergonomic and compact arrangement that improve significantly crane operations, field rigging-up, trailer mounting and fast screen removal.

Standard specification:

  • H2S service, API-6A PSL3/PR2/DD-NL/P+X, CE marking, DNV 2.7.1.
  • 5000 PSI & 10000 PSI rating, 60-liter pot capacity, 2-1/16’’ and 3-1/16” manifold.
  • Up to 12000 bpd of liquid and up to 60 MMscf/d of gas.
  • 10 ft container footprint – Maximum 10 tons.


The plug catcher (also called Debris Catcher or Trash Catcher) consists of 2 flow paths in parallel with removable screen allowing uninterrupted flow and a by-pass. The solids are trapped inside the screen.

Screen cutout varies from application needs between 3 and 25 mm (1/8” and 1”).

The flow capacity is driven by the erosional velocity through the manifold.

Common arrangement is on open floor skid but specific design with up to 4 flow paths and skid with lift frame are available on request.

The FCE plug catchers are generally used for following applications:

  • Well Clean-up  (post frac operation).
  • Drilling / Pumping / Coil Tubing flowback operations.


Various inline sand filter configurations (single or multiple flow paths) and pressure ratings are available depending on the application and process conditions.

Such unit is generally designed for low flow condition, compact footprint and light weight. It serves several applications such as solids production testing, water treatment, gas transfer and compression, etc.

The separation ranges between 50 microns and few millimeters.


The filter pup is the simplest solids removal equipment that consists of a removable screen installed into a straight piping component. It can be assembled into an Inline Sand Filter or simply used as an inline strainer for temporary operations.

The solids can be collected into the body or into the screen depending on the preferred flow direction.

The filter pup body is generally one size above the flowline nominal diameter.

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