Valve assemblies & Actuation

Compact valves are ideal for temporary piping systems and compact packaging.

High pressure compact valves

  • Floating or Trunnion design upon pressure rating.
  • Standard Service up to 20000 psi CWP.
  • H2S Service up to 15000 psi CWP.
  • BW, flanged, hubbed or unionised connections.
  • Manual handle or gear operated.
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic actuator as options.


  • Compactness: Weight and Footprint Saver.
  • Easy Maintenance: The compact valves are free of ring gaskets and can be easily removed by sliding out the body group.
  • Swivel flanges both side of the body group allow 360° orientation of the handle or gear operator.

Ball Valves & Check Valves are fitted by FCE with end connections for inline assembly in piping systems.

Valve actuation

For specific applications, manually operated valves may require actuators not available from the original manufacturer. FCE provides, on a case by case basis, engineering, assembly and testing for specific interfaces between valves or chokes and operators, which can be pneumatic, hydraulic or electrically powered.


Valve & Actuator assemblies for specific application are designed, assembled and tested by FCE.

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