Well Services

Any well services that require surface fluid control equipment is a FCE concern.

The main domains where FCE equipment can be seen are:

  • Welltesting
  • Flowback control
  • Drilling Mud Pumping / Cementing
  • Fracturing / Well stimulation
  • Well clean-up / Well circulation
  • Water injection into wells
  • Fluid Transfer into pipeline / Pipeline flushing

More information on these equipment are available on the following link:

Because of extremely variable and severe conditions, the flow control and monitoring of oil and gas wells require an extensive knowledge of fluid properties and full understanding of process capacity and fluid flow characteristics.

In this context, detail can make a difference and this is what we keep in mind when designing and offering accurate Well Testing Equipment and Flowback Equipment.

Our Well Testing Equipment range includes most of the conventional equipment but we focus on inventive solutions where technical support, quality and performance reliability is major concern.

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