Wing unions & swivels

Swivel joints Chiksan® type

A swivel joint Chiksan® type is a component in a piping system that allows fluid circulation whilst maintaining articulation and inbuilt rotation between 2 fixed ends of the piping system. Applications can be for temporary and fixed installations. Most common swivels employ male/female housings, a bearing - usually of ball race design and a sealing mechanism between the male and the female components of the housing.



  • loading systems
  • temporary piping system around the wellhead (cementing operations, BOP and choke lines, etc.)
  • flare lines
  • hoses
  • hydraulically powered machinery, sewer units, etc.


How to select your swivel joint Chiksan® type?

swivel joints Chiksan® type1 - Flow conditions:   

  • Max operating pressure.
  • Min and Max operating temperature (fluid).
  • Max flow rate.

2 - Fluid characteristics: (abrasive & corrosive content).

3 - Mechanical constraints:

  • Radial & axial loads.
  • Rotating speed.

4 - Service and environmental conditions:

  • Ambient temperature & environment (indoor, outdoor).
  • Service frequency (time per day).
  • Piping system configuration & line size.
  • Swivel style


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