Flowline Equipment


Flexible hoses are easy to use. They can be used in extreme safety situations. Fluid Control Europe provides flexible hoses that meet all your needs and specific lengths  with end couplings built-in as part of the hose:

  • L.P. hoses (100 to 1000 PSI) Dia. 2" to 12".
  • M.P. / H.P. hoses (1000 to 15 000 PSI) Dia. 2" to 4".
  • Any type of connection (threaded, flanged, unionised, etc.).



  • Oil & gas including H2S service.
  • Drilling (Rotary, Choke & Kill, Vibrator).
  • Well Services (welltesting, cementing, etc.).
  • General & industrial (chemical, fuel, hydraulic oil, etc.).
  • Fire resistant where applicable.

flexible hoses

Unionised hose with flexible collars

Option: Lifting collars