Flowline Equipment

Flexible loading arms

RS hose loading arm SGA in conjunction with safety couplings at the point of transfer provide a higher level of safety for people, materials and installations. 

flexible loading arms









 Main advantages:

     - Higher hose life
- Lower maintenance time and cost
- Lower risk of damage
- Easy handling
- Excessive hose bending or twisting is impossible
- Maximum transfer rate
- Increased safety

The level of physical stress to which employees are exposed is significantly reduced.

flexible loading arms



     - Frame segments are connected to one another by maintenance-free swivel joints that are free to rotate

     - Limit stops in the joints can be set to every hose bending radius

     - Suitable for all hose types

     - Hoses can be attached using various clamping systems

     - All types of fittings can be integrated  (dry disconnect coupling, breakaway coupling, ball valve)

     - Designed for single-operator manual control

     - Flexible connection between plant and loading area



The RS system meets the highest safety requirements and benefits the process, people and workplace as well as your budget while making work much more easy and efficient.

flexible loading arms





     - Material: stainless steel (1.4301/1.4401), steel (1.0037 RAL 5002) or steel 1.0037 galvanized)

     - System components: mounting brackets, hose loading arm, heading section

     - Nominal length: 2-6m

     - Nominal width: DN25 to DN100

     - Bending radius: 150-450mm

     - Types: top loading, floor loading



The hose loading arm SGA is used wherever fluids (liquids and gases) need to be loaded by means of a hose line running between a stationary plant and a mobile unit.

flexible loading arms





     - Loading tank wagons                 - Loading ships

     - Loading tank trucks                    - Loading containers

     - Filling barrels                               - Loading aircraft

     - IBC containers






Flexible hoses are easy to use. They can be used in extreme safety situations. Fluid Control Europe provides flexible hoses that meet all your needs and specific lengths  with end couplings built-in as part of the hose:

  • L.P. hoses (100 to 1000 PSI) Dia. 2" to 12".
  • M.P. / H.P. hoses (1000 to 15 000 PSI) Dia. 2" to 4".
  • Any type of connection (threaded, flanged, unionised, etc.).



  • Oil & gas including H2S service.
  • Drilling (Rotary, Choke & Kill, Vibrator).
  • Well Services (welltesting, cementing, etc.).
  • General & industrial (chemical, fuel, hydraulic oil, etc.).
  • Fire resistant where applicable.

flexible hoses

Unionised hose with flexible collars

Option: Lifting collars