Solids removal

Plug catchers

Also called Debris catcher or Trash Catcher.

Horizontal plug catcher:

  • Suitable to H2S service per NACE standards.
  • API6A and API14E for erosion limiting velocities.
  • DNV 2.7.3 certified skid.
  • CE Marking and PED compliance as an option.
  • Multiphase flow applications.
  • 10000bbl/d liquid x 35 MMscf/d of gas.
  • 10000 psi Pressure Rating.
  • Dual flow path configuration with by-pass.
  • API flanged gate valve assembly.
  • Flow direction from inside to outside.
  • Fast and easy screen removal.
  • 1 to 6 mm cutout (screen fitted with rupture disc).
  • DP gauge and inlet/outlet pressure gauges.
  • 3" fig. 1502 process connections.



  • Well Clean-up flowback (post frac operation).
  • Drilling / pumping flowback operations.
 plug catcher plug catchers

plug catchers