Well Testing Equipment

Flowback Equipment


Flowback Equipment is generally used to control a well flow while injecting other fluids into the formation. Flowback Equipment is then needed together with Coil Tubing or Fracking operations but it can be seen with Under Balance Drilling (UBD) operations or for Well Clean-Up operations.

Flowback Equipment handles solids removal and flow control. It’s designed for Heavy Duty, High Pressure and Severe Conditions.

  • Debris Catcher / Plug Catcher.
  • Sand Filter.
  • Heavy Duty Choke Manifold.
  • Horizontal gas flare & lighting system.
  • Interconnecting piping and accessories.
  • Control Consoles and instruments.
  • Data Aquisition System.



 Flowback Equipment 1

Unitisation and Command Center

Integrated and customised solutions can be provided. Trailer mounted Control Units are particularly useful for onshore operations.

Design & Certification

The offered control systems are available to meet API16C, CE, ATEX, IEC, NORSOK, GOST, etc.