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Fluid Control Algeria

Fluid Control Algeria is a company part of the FCE group that supports Algerian market from Hassi-Messaoud.


Well known as FCA, the company provides Inspection and Recertification Services of pressure capacities, Pressure Safety Valves, hoses, flowline equipment and wellhead mounted equipment since 2001.



         Services include:

  • Visual inspection & andoscopy.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Thread gauging.
  • Pressure test (30000 psi pump capacity).
  • Hardness test.
  • NDT inspection (MPI, dye penetrant test).
  • Serialisation, asset management.
  • Safety Valve Calibration.
  • Flowline equipment maintenance.
  • Sand blasting, painting and marking.
  • Reporting and QA management.

Fluid control Algeria




FCA was the first independent recertification company in its field of competencies to be approved by the Algerian Ministry of Mines and Energy (ARH, ex DPP). Its enhanced recertification process makes FCA a reference of excellence.



Thanks to its proximity with clients, FCA provides fast and efficient aftersales services for the FCE equipment used in the country.



Philippe Dufau

Fluid Control Algeria

Zone d’activité No.3, lot 17, BP 506, 30500 Hassi Messaoud, Algeria.

Phone: +213 (0)29 74 76 36

Fax: +213 (0)29 74 76 37

Email: fca@fce.fr