Wing unions & swivels

Wing unions & swivel joints have been used in the oilfield services for almost a century. Originally branded under the Weco® & Chiksan® names, the wing unions & swivel joints have built a worldwide reputation with generation to generation of field operators.The Weco® & Chiksan® names have developed into generic terms for the products themselves, after so many years usage, rather than an individual brand or manufacturer.

The applied technologies of wing unions & swivel joints have proven their high level of efficiency in extremely severe flow conditions such as very high pressure & flowrates, high & low temperatures, multiphase flow, erosive and corrosive agents, vibration in pumping piping  systems, etc.

Wing unions are also often referred to as hammer unions, hammer lug unions or Weco® dependent upon the customer or manufacturer. Whatever name is used, they are the most common quick connection method for joining piping components together in a temporary system.

Swivel joints are also known as Chiksan® or, simply, swivels. They are used in piping components such as C&C hoses “loops” or longsweep swivel joints with several individual swivels in various configurations, where some rotational capacity is required in the pipe work hook up.

FCE is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Wing unions & swivel joints approved by the major worldwide service companies. FCE products for oilfield services focus on Sour Gas service and most severe applications.

In addition, FCE has developed Wing unions & swivel joints for various industrial market applications including gas bottling plants, pipeline maintenance services & loading systems in LACT units. FCE is also European leader in railcar couplings utilising specially modified wing unions.