Flowline Equipment

Flowline equipment is mainly fitted with wing unions (hammer unions) providing quick connection.

Simple flowline equipment consist of pup joints & fittings (elbows, tees, etc…). It is particularly designed for High Pressure services, severe conditions and specifically for Sour Gas service when used for well effluents. High Pressure flowline equipment are alternatively fitted with hubs for clamp connection.

Regularly used in the oilfields for well services, the piping allows fast installation and removal of process equipment for temporary operations. Such piping systems don’t require any specific engineering study. Temporary layouts are generally decided on site as the piping can be easily routed in any direction and elevation, even in restricted areas. The piping systems often require adaptors, commonly named crossovers or X-overs. Swivels can be needed for some applications.

FCE is one of the most reputed manufacturers of piping components and is approved by the major worldwide service companies.

Most of the FCE flowline equipment are welded and X-rayed per the highest standards and client specification.


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